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Chicken is probably the most popular meat of all. With such a large variety of ways to prepare chicken and the fact that it is light, versatile, low in calories, healthy and delicious, its popularity is understandable. As shown in the list of chicken recipes below, chicken can be served in an endless variety of ways, such as chicken with sauces, chicken pasta dishes, chicken casseroles,
chicken curry, chicken enchiladas, Asian chicken dishes, chicken soups, chicken lettuce wraps, chicken salads, and the list goes on and on! Cooking methods for chicken can also vary, such as roasting or baking chicken, grilling chicken, frying chicken, deep frying chicken and stir-frying chicken - each cooking method producing its own unique texture and flavor. Whether you're searching for a recipe for fried chicken, baked chicken, grilled chicken, slow-cooker or any other cooking method for chicken, you can't go wrong. This page lists recipes for chicken dishes as well as chicken salads. If you're specifically looking for salad recipes, you'll find chicken salads and more on the Salads page. If you're browsing for soup recipes the Soups and Stews page has a variety of chicken soup recipes as well as plenty of other soup recipes. Most recipes you'll find on this page were made with skinless boneless chicken breast meat, though if you prefer dark chicken meat, you can certainly use dark meat instead of light (or a combination of both).

Chicken Recipes ▼

Chicken Taquitos
Chicken Taquitos is likely a chicken recipe many overlook as one of those quick and easy (and delicious) dinner ideas. Chicken taquitos (also called flautas when made with flour tortillas) consist of shredded chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, salsa verde and diced green chiles, all wrapped up into tortillas, then quickly baked until crispy. Delicious with sides of salsa, avocadoes, lemon wedges and sour cream.
Chicken with Almond Cream Sauce
Chicken with Almond Cream Sauce is a delicious Indian dish featuring sauteed chicken breasts generously smothered with a rich and creamy almond-flavored sauce accented with tender cooked onions and French green beans. The sauce is made with yogurt, heavy cream, ground almonds, freshly squeezed lemon juice and an assortment of distinct spices and flavorings. This chicken dish is elegant and surprisingly easy to prepare!
Chicken with Basil
Chicken with Basil is a fresh stir-fry dish powerfully flavored with fresh basil, fresh mint leaves and diced green chiles. Sliced chicken breasts and onions are cooked until tender, then a mild and tangy sauce made with fresh basil and mint leaves, diced mild green chiles, soy sauce, vinegar and a hint of sugar are stirred in with the chicken and onions, producing a fresh and fabulous flavor combination. Fantastic alone or with rice!
Chicken with Cream Sauce
Chicken with Cream Sauce is amazingly delicious and so easy to make! This chicken recipe features lightly browned pieces of chicken (breast or a from a whole chicken), simmered in a sauce of white wine, chicken broth and dried thyme. After just 20 minutes of cooking, heavy cream is stirred into the broth, creating a creamy and savory sauce that is drizzled over the chicken. This sauce is unforgettable and is truly gourmet!
Chicken with Lemon Herb Sauce
This healthy and colorful chicken recipe features sautéed chicken breasts topped with a delicious light and tangy sauce made of chopped green onions, chopped fresh parsley, Dijon mustard, freshly squeezed lemon juice and chicken broth. Once the seasoned chicken breasts are cooked, simply sauté the onions and parsley, add the sauce ingredients, then drizzle over the chicken and enjoy!
Chicken with Red Pepper Coconut Sauce
This Chicken with Red Pepper Coconut Sauce recipe is an easy and delicious way to dress up your boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The vibrant sauce has a mildly tangy and savory flavor with a hint of sweetness from the red peppers. Chicken breasts are browned in a skillet, then topped with a puréed sauce made with sautéed diced onions, red peppers and garlic simmered with coconut milk thickened with a roux.